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Bar meals

Booked a package staying at Mt Hakuba Backpackers or Hakuba Snowdrift Lodge?

Your nightly bar meals are included. You will be able to eat at either location on any of the nights and choose any 1 dish from the menu on that night* *Menus subject to change without notice.
Bar meal menu 2016-17 Pizza/Pasta + Japanese Western dishes  •	Pizza  o	Supreme o	Bacon and vegetable •	Pasta o	Pasta Creamy mushroom sauce o	Crab in creamy tomato sauce  o	Cream salmon	 •	Curry	  o	Butter Chicken o	Indian beef  Japanese dishes  •	Okonomiyaki (Savoury Japanese pancake)	 •	Ramen (Japanese noodles) o	Champmon  o	Pork in soy sauce •	Yaki onigiri (Roasted rice balls) •	Oyako don (Chicken & egg in Japanese sauce) •	Gyudon ( Sliced beef & onion in Japanese sauce)  Served 6-9pm	 Snowdrift Lodge Bar meal menu 2016-17 Japanese Western Fusion •	Chicken & chips 	  •	Fish & chips 		  •	Deep fried pork cutlet with Japanese Tonkatsu sauce   •	Chicken Katsu Curry		 •	Pork Katsu curry	 •	Chicken Parmiagan w chips 	 •	Spaghetti bolognaise 		 •	Vegetarian spaghetti		 •	Pork Katsudon			 •	Yakiniku don			 •	Chicken katsudon 		 •	Yakisoba					  Served 6-9pm	 Mt Hakuba Backpackers