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Mountain Facts

Number of lifts 7 Number of courses 16 Vertical 530 mtrs Steepest course 42 c Highest point 1440 mtrs Difficulty o Advanced 30% o Intermediate 30% o Beginner 40% Longest course 3.5 km Annual snowfall 14 mtrs Night ski Yes Terrain park No Kid’s park No Kiddies daycare Yes

Cortina Ski Resort

Hakuba, Japan

Cortina   has   a   well   earned   reputation   as   the   powder   capital   of Hakuba,   both   for   the   huge   amounts   of   snow   it   gets   (14   mtrs/yr) and   also   for   allowing   punters   to   ride   pretty   much   whereever   they like   on   the   mountain.   The   tree   runs   are   incredible,   they   are   steep (42 c ),   deep   and   the   trees   are   well   spaced. To   enter   these   ares   you need   to   be   at   least   a   strong   intermediate   and   you   should   wear   a helmet.   Besides   the   famous   tree   runs,   there   are   also   many   good intermediate   runs   and   a   beginners   section   at   the   bottom.   The hotel   at   the   bottom   must   be   the   most   photographed   hotel   in Japan it is so pretty.
Cortina ski Resort, Japan  Images courtesy of Otari Village    Click to see live image Japan ski rentals

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