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Adults & kids

We offer the following types of skis on offer: Beginner to intermediate: o Head "Shape" o Head Rev 70 o Head Sure Thang o Head Mya o Head Zenon o GPO Cross 2 o Salomom X-Cart Sport o Salomon BBR Powder: Head "Kiss of Death" Twin Tip Rockered skis All Mountain: Fischer "Watea 94" High Performance Skis with tip rockers Our ski and snowboard rental shop stocks equipment that is perfect for all levers from beginners through to expert level. Save time and money by getting your ski/board hire set up before you arrive. Have a browse through the following rental prices and book now for a 10% discount". For your security all payments are processed through Paypal but there is no need to have a paypal account-you can pay by credit card. Our rental shop is based in Echoland - for a map please click here.
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Ski rental Conditions

You will be able to pick up your rentals from the Ninja Ski Rental shop next to the Yamazaki convenience shop in Echoland (please see attached map).Its regular opening hours are from 7.30 am till 10 am in the morning, and again from 4-6.30 pm in the afternoon. However, if you arrive between these hours you can call our rental shop/driver on 07043748414 and they can either pick you up or meet you at the shop, and fit you out so you can get on the mountain that day. You are welcome to pick them up the evening before your rental starting date after 4pm free of charge. The renter agrees to accept full responsibility for the ski/snowboard rental gear while it is in his/her possession. He/she agrees to be responsible for the repair and/or replacement, at full retail value of any equipment rented from Ninja Ski Rentals under this agreement, which is not returned or for any loss or damage of any kind to the rental equipment other than reasonable wear and tear. Damage to rental equipment from use in areas where there there is a clear lack of snow and damage to skis/board is likely is NOT reasonable wear and tear. The renter agrees that late return of equipment may force a cancellation of another pre-booked rental and subsequent loss of income to Ninja Ski Rentals and agree to return all rental equipment on the agreed upon date, in clean condition, to avoid additional charges of up to 20,000 yen. If you cancel your rental giving more than 7 days notice you will receive a full refund less a 20% cancellation fee. In order to receive a refund, notice must be received by the hostel by 10 am Hakuba time, 7 days prior to arrival.We will refund the balance onto your paypal account. After this time no refunds are possible
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