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Getting to Hakuba from Narita

These are your 2 options....


Direct fixed schedule bus transfer as part of ski package


Hakuba (¥8,500-¥13,900 one way


Minibus on demand as part of ski package

Ideal if your flight does not fit in with the fixed schedule minibus times above. 3. Public transport Normally the ski package shuttle bus (no. 1 above) will be the easiest and the cheapest option, and if your flight time does not fit in with that, then the easiest option would be the “Minibus on demand” option (no. 2 above). However it is possible and can be a little cheaper to make your own way by public transport. Beware though, this involves at least 3 transfers and usually a combination of train & bus so can be time consuming. If you want to give it a go, have a look at the getting to Hakuba page on the Ski Hakuba website.
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