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Hakuba, Nagano

Until not very long ago at all Hakuba was almost completely unknown but in a very short time it has become easily the most popular ski resort for foreigners on the main island of Honshu. These are some of the reasons: There are at 10 resorts-all on the same lift pass. More than 11 metres of snow every season. A total of at least 150 lifts. 1000 mtrs of vertical with long runs. Undoubtedly has best the backcountry terrain in Japan. Easy access from Tokyo.


Hakuba is located in Nagano Prefecture is about 270 kms north west of Tokyo. By car or public transport it takes about 3-4 hrs from Tokyo and there is a shuttle bus directly from Narita or Haneda airports. Where is Hakuba?

The ski resortsbout the ski resorts and lift passes

With ski resorts Hakuba caters well for everyone is catered. If you are new to the snow there are plenty of beginner slopes, however, if you want to go hardcore then Hakuba is the place. Forming part of the rugged Japan Alps the resorts offer lots of steep and deep, and plenty of terrain to challenge even the pros.  Naturally there is plenty in between. Hakuba is also very family friendly with English relatively well spoken, and lessons in English for both adults and kids and ample day care facilities.

Lift passes

We recommend the Hakuba Valley lift passes which you can use at any of the resorts in Hakuba, and which enables you to go to unlimited ski resorts in the same day. You can get them online and also have free delivery to your accommodation from the SkiHakuba.com website
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