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Working in Japan

Working holiday visas

If you are not just coming to Japan for a ski holiday, but also want to do some work, working-holiday visas for 6 months to Japan may be granted to citzens of the following countries provided that they are between the ages of 18 and 25 ( up to 30 yo in some cases). This visa can be extended twice once you are in the country, for a total period of 18 months. There are numerical limits on the number of visas that may be granted for particular countries in any given year. For more information please see the Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs working holiday page. Australia New Zealand UK (limits apply) Canada (limits apply) France (limits apply) Germany Korea (limits apply) Hong Kong (limits apply) Taiwan (limits apply) Norway

English Teaching Jobs in Japan

Native English speakers often find work teaching English in private conversation schools, and indeed in the past this was an easy to get and lucrative occupation. This however is no longer the case. Although the Japanese yen has declined in value, wages have not increased for English teachers, meaning less in the pocket to take back home with you. A typical salary would be ¥25,000 a month, which may or may not include accommodation. In addition, competition with other job applicants is fierce. Although no official qualifications are required, doing a TESOL course (typically a 1 month full time course) before you go would both increase your chances of getting a job, and also help you know what you are actually doing. Once you have found a job, and extended your visa twice, you can stay longer if your employer will sponsor you for a work visa. In order to be eligible for a work visa you will need to have a university degree (in any field).

Other jobs in Japan

If you are suitably qualified you can find work in various professional fields such as IT, translation, IT, modeling, cooking and entertainment. If you are well presented then you may be able to find a job waitressing or bartending (females tend to have more luck). Japanese ability may or may not be required depending on the nature of the position. A good place to start is the “Jobs in Japan” website.
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