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Mountain Facts

Number of lifts 10 Number of courses 15 Vertical 660 mtrs Highest point 1023 mtrs Steepest run 38 c Difficulty o Advanced 24% o Intermediate 40% o Beginner 36% Annual snowfall 10.5 mtrs Night ski Yes Terrain park Yes Kid’s park Yes Kiddies daycare No
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Teine Ski Resort

Hokkaido, Japan

Sapporo Teine   Ski   resort   is   less   than   an   hour   away   from   Sapporo   so can   be   great   to   visit   if   you   want   to   spend   a   couple   of   nights checking   out   downtown   Sapporo   city   and   just   doing   a   day   trip   to Teine.   It   is   a   medium   sized   resort,   split   into   2   sections   Olympia and   Highland.   The   Olympia   section   is   best   suited   for   beginners and   lower   intermediates,   whereas   the   Highland   section   up   top   is where   all   the   real   action   is.   Great   views   of   Sapporo   city   and   the ocean    prevail    and    the    view    on    a    fine    day    can    be    quite breathtaking.   There   are   a   couple   of   very   steep   courses   leading from   the   top,   one   of   which   was   used   in   the   Sapporo   Olympics. They   will   challenge   you   but   beware,   the   most   direct   one   "North Wall"   has   a   tendency   to   be   moguled.   There   are   some   nice   tree runs   in   the   Paradise   Nature   Zone.   For   those   that   have   sufficient experience   and   training   Teine   has   some   incredible   side   country runs.   The   most   exciting   of   these   are   found   to   the   skiers   right   of the   Summit   express   lift.   Go   with   a   qualified   guide   if   you   don't have   sufficient   avalanche   training   as   with   any   uncontrolled   course there   can   be   high   avalanche   danger   under   the   wrong   conditions. Do   not   attempt   this   if   visibity   is   poor   as   it   is   easy   to   get   lost. Whilst   going   out   of   bounds   is   not   permitted   by   the   ski   resort   the patrol   do   not   seem   to   enforce   the   policy   very   often.   These   are your options for guided tours that often go to Teine:       2 day "Happy Ending" tour     10 day Hokkaido Unplugged tour     11 day Ultimate powder tour" tour

Teine Ski Resort Reviews

Happy Ending Tour ¥49,000
2 day guided tour Teine and Sapporo Kokusai 1 night accommodation Sapporo city + breakky 2 day lift passes
Hokkaido Unplugged ¥295,000
10 day hosted tour 9 nights lodge Breakfast daily Guide All transfers 7 day lift passes 7 days guiding Niseko back bowls Rusutsu, Teine, Kokusai Furano, Kamui, Kurodake Asahidake, Tomamu
Ultimate Powder ¥329,000
11 day hosted tour Chasing Japow all over Hokkaido 10 nights accommodation 8 guided ski days 7 days lift tickets All transfers Furano,Asahidake, Kamui Tomamu, Niseko back bowls Shiribetsu or Rusutsu Sapporo Kokusai, Backcountry gear