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Niseko Ski Resort Japan  Images courtesy of Niseko Ski Resort    Click to see live image

Niseko Ski Resort

Hokkaido, Japan

Niseko    ski    resort    is    actually    4    ski    resorts    combined    into    1; Annapuri,Hanazono,Village   and   Hirafu   ski   resorts   all   accessable   on the   one   lift   ticket.   It   is   famous   for   the   copious   amounts   of   dry snow   that   creates   some   of   the   best   powder   conditions   in   the world.   On   the   downside   there   is   little   in   the   way   of   steeps   so advanced   riders   might   eventually   get   bored   with   the   knee   deep powder   conditions   that   often   prevail.   There   is   everything   from beginner   runs   to   on   piste   tree   runs.   Beginners   will   want   to   visit the    Hirafu    section,    whilst    advanced    riders    who    want    to    do groomers   should   head   for   the   Niseko   Village   section.   There   is plenty   of   good   off   piste   riding   (only   a   few   areas   are   roped   off- everywhere   else   is   ok   to   go)   particularly   in   the   Hanazono   section. Most    advanced    riders    though    will    probably    want    to    get    into Niseko's   back   bowls-known   as   the   "Niseko   white   room"   or   even deeper   into   the   Niseko   backcountry.   We   can   get   you   on   a      guided off   piste   tours   to   get   you   to   the   best   spots   and,   more   importantly, get you out safely. Here are some options:     Guided day trip searching for best powder (ex Niseko)     10 day Hokkaido Unplugged tour     11 day Ultimate powder tour" tour

Niseko Ski Resort Reviews

Powder Hunter ¥15,900
1 day guided tour This   day   trip   from   Niseko   will   take you   to   the   back   bowls   of   Niseko   if conditions   permit   otherwise   it   will take   you   off   piste   to   another   ski resort such as Rusutsu or Kiroro.
Hokkaido Unplugged ¥295,000
10 day hosted tour 9 nights lodge Breakfast daily Guide All transfers 7 day lift passes 7 days guiding Niseko back bowls Rusutsu, Teine, Kokusai Furano, Kamui, Kurodake Asahidake, Tomamu

Mountain Facts

Number of lifts 27 Number of courses 81 Vertical 940 mtrs Highest point 1205 mtrs Steepest run 40 c Difficulty o Advanced 30% o Intermediate 37% o Beginner 33% Annual snowfall 14.5 mtrs Night ski Yes Terrain park Yes Kid’s park Yes Kiddies daycare Yes
Ultimate Powder ¥329,000
11 day hosted tour Chasing Japow all over Hokkaido 10 nights accommodation 8 guided ski days 7 days lift tickets All transfers Furano,Asahidake, Kamui Tomamu, Niseko back bowls Shiribetsu or Rusutsu Sapporo Kokusai, Backcountry gear