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Mountain Facts

Number of lifts 9 Number of courses 21 Vertical 610 mtrs Highest point 1180 mtrs Steepest run 30 c Difficulty o Advanced 32% o Intermediate 30% o Beginner 38% Annual snowfall 13 mtrs Night ski Yes Terrain park Yes Kid’s park Yes Kiddies daycare Yes
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Kiroro Ski Resort

Hokkaido, Japan

Kiroro   Ski   Resort   is   a   medium   ski   resort   close   enough   to   Sapporo   and   Niseko   to   do   day   trips   from   either.   It   is comprised   of   2   mountain   peaks,   Nagamine   and   Asari   and   is   best   suited   to   beginners   and   intermediates   due   to it's   lack   of   steep   terrain.   It   does   have   reliable   consistent   snow,   and   combine   that   with   few   competition   for   the off   piste   runs   and   it   is   easy   to   get   freshies   most   days.   It   is   best   to   stay   close   to   the   groomers   for   the   first   few off   piste   runs   until   you   get   a   feel   for   the   place   so   you   can   easily   return   if   you   strike   a   flat   patch.   There   is   a specific   off   piste   zone   called   appropriately   the   "Powder   Zone",   apart   from   that   it   is   not   specifically   permitted to   be   off   piste   but   like   a   lot   of   resorts   in   Hokkaido   the   patrol   tend   to   turn   a   blind   eye.   You   do   need   to   be responsible   for   your   own   safety   of   course   so   have   the   appropriate   avi   gear   and   training   and   use   common   sense. The   best   tree   runs   are   probably   those   found   on   the Asari   side   in   between   the Asari   Lift   #2,   and   the   gondola.   Be careful   to   rejoin   the   groomers   at   the   Yoichi   A   course   or   you   will   be   left   with   a   very   tough   hike   out.   Kiroro   is half   way   between   Niseko   and   Sapporo   city.   The   closest   town   is   Otaru,   and   access   is   from   Otaru   Chikko   station, from   where   there   are   free   shuttle   buses.   See   here    for   accommodation   options   in   Otaru   or   if   you   want   to   splash out and stay at the resort itself then you can book it from here.     

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