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Getting around Japan

This   page   is   about   getting   around   Japan   in   general.   For   getting to and from Hakuba please go to our “Getting to Hakuba”  page.

By train

Getting   around   Japan   by   train   is   quite   easy   provided   you   know   the names   of   the   stations   and   where   you   need   to   change   trains.   All   of the   station   names   are   now   in   English   as   well   as   Japanese   so   that part   of   it   is   a   breeze.   To   find   out   how   to   get   to   your   destination,   as well   as   the   price   and   timetables,   look   at   the   Hyperdia   website ,   a great   resource.   If   you   are   doing   any   serious   travel   around   Japan   it is   worth   getting   a   JR   rail   pass   which   will   give   you   unlimited   travel on   JR   trains   including   bullet   trains   for   7,   14   or   21   days   for   ¥28,300, ¥45,100   and   ¥57,700   respectively. A   return   trip   to   Osaka   from Tokyo on   the   bullet   train   will   normally   set   you   back   ¥28,640,   so   it   quickly pays   for   itself.   The   JR   rail   passes   need   to   be   purchased   before   you arrive in Japan and you can do so online right here.  

By bus

Using   buses   in   Japan   can   be   tricky   and   is   not   recommended   for   the non    Japanese    speaking    foreigner,    except    for    the    long    distance buses.   Tickets   for   these   can   be   purchased   at   any   travel   agent   in Japan   or   from   larger   JR   train   stations.   There   are   many   different companies   running   different   routes   so   there   is   no   comprehensive website to gather information from.

By rental car

It    is    quite    feasible    to    rent    a    car    in    Japan,but    can    be    quite expensive   (it   is   hard   to   get   a   car   for   less   than   ¥6,000   a   day).   On   top of    that    expressway    fees    work    out    at    about    ¥100    for    every    4 kilometers,   adding   to   the   expense.   On   the   bright   side,   most   of   the major   road   signs   are   in   English   and   everyone   drives   in   an   orderly manner,making the actual driving part of it fairly easy.
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