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Goryu Ski in Ski out Condominiums

Goryu   condominiums   are   true   ski/in   ski   out   condos next   to   the   beginner   slopes   at   Goryu   Ski   Resort.   This is   the   perfect   location   for   familes   as   you   can   dump the   kiddies   off   at   the   ski   lessons   (English   of   course), whilst   you   take   the   gondola   to   the   more   challenging to   terrain   which   includes   all   of   Hakuba   47   ski   resort. You   have   direct   access   to   the   night   skiing   if   you haven’t   had   enough   by   then.   Just   a   few   minutes walk     to     Goryu’s     hot     springs/onsen     and     many restaurants   nearby.   The   condos   fit   up   to   6   people and     include     fully     equipped     kitchenettes     and bathrooms.   Please   note   that   most   of   the   other   ski resorts    do    not    have    shuttle    buses    coming    from Goryu-so you may need to use a cab to get to them.

Getting to the condos

If   you   are   coming   on   a   package e the   airport   transfers from   Narita   or   Haneda   which   take   between   4-6   hrs. If   not   then   you   will   need   to   use   public   transport, please   see   the   following   links   on   how   best   to   do this.  
Package Price list (per person)

Number of nights included








Number of ski days included 2 3 4 5 6 8 10 Prices start from: ¥28,380 ¥39,800 ¥50,900 ¥62,200 ¥67,900 ¥100,000 ¥131,500 (based on 4 person condominium) Book now   Book Now Book Now Book Now Book Now Book Now Book Now Prices   include   accomodation   and   lift   passes   only.   To   get   a   price   including   transfers,   lessons   and   other   add   ons   just   click   on   the   “Book   Now”   link   and select the extras that you want.
Absolute Ski in Ski out condos Next to Goryu Ski resort beginner slopes Discount rates 1st-20 Dec, & Mar 1-Apr 2 Weekly and monthly discounts Easy access to adults/kids ski lessons Free wireless internet Kitchenette and ensuite with bathtub Coin Laundry TV Bath towels, shampoo , soap included Check in 15.00, check out 10 am. Easy access to Goryu’s hot springs
2 & 3 person condo 4 &5 person condo
Condominium types Studio condo for 2-3 people 2 bedroom condo for 4-5 people 3 bedroom condo for 6 people Long term discount! 2 wks or more 15% off room rate 1 month or more 20% off Email us to get your long term quote      
Long term discount! •	15 days or more 15% off •	1 mth or more 20% off