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Japan travel insurance

Including ski and snowboard insurance!

Before   coming   to   Japan   make   sure   you   have   travel   insurance   already   in   place.   Skiing   and   snowboarding   are   inherently dangerous   sports   and   the   injury   rate   is   high.   Most   ski   resorts   are   by   nature   in   mountainous   regions   in   small   villages   a long   distance   from   any   major   citites   or   hospitals.   Evacuation   can   be   a   very   expensive   exercise.   For   serious   injuries requiring   major   operations   most   people   do   prefer   to   fly   home   for   the   operation,   which   may   require   medical   staff   to be onboard with you. Not cheap. Many   travel   insurances   don’t   cover   snowsport   activities.   We   have   partnered   with   World   Nomads   Insurance    to   provide you   with   a   very   affordable   ski/snowboard   insurance   for   Japan,   which   also   covers   you   for   emergency   medical treatment,   emergency   evacuation   and   repatriation   as   well   as   insurance   for   your   stolen   goods   and   unavoidable cancellation of your trip. 

Why buy travel insurance from World Nomads.com?

Backed by specialist insurers and global assistance partners Buy, extend & online even if you have begun your travels Claim whilst still travelling. No need to wait till you get back home. Covers a range of adventure sports and activities , not just skiing and boarding.
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