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Mountain Facts

Number of lifts 4 Number of courses 5 Vertical 260mtrs Steepest course 28 c Highest point 1200 mtrs Longest run 1500 mtrs Difficulty o Advanced 0% o Intermediate 30% o Beginner 70% Annual snowfall 10 mtrs Night ski No Terrain park No Kid’s park Yes

Jiigatake Ski Resort

Hakuba, Japan

Jiigatake   ski   resort   is   the   latest   addition   to   the   Hakuba   Valley Ticket   scheme.   Although   it   is   not   in   Hakuba   itself,   nevertheless there    are    free    shuttle    buses    to    get    there    and    back.    Being    a distance   from   Hakuba   (about   30-40   mins   by   bus),   it   means   that apart   from   weekends   you   find   you   will   have   to   share   the   runs   with very   few   other   people.   It   does   not   have   any   advanced   courses,   all beginners   and   intermediate,   but   is   a   great   place   to   take   kids   for that   reason.   It   also   has   a   kids   now   area   but   does   not   have   an adults   terrain   park.   There   are   very   nice   views   down   the   valley from the top of the resort.
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