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Haneda to Hakuba shuttle bus

Fixed schedule shuttle bus

This bus will “meet and greet” you at Haneda Airport. ¥9,500 each way. o For the transfer from Haneda add ¥750 if you would like a drop off in front of your accommodation. Leaves Haneda daily 07.30 am arriving in Hakuba at approximately 12.45 pm. Leaves Hakuba daily at 13.00 pm, arriving at Haneda at 18.45 pm. Runs daily from December 26th-Feb 25th. o  Outside of these dates you will need to either book the "On Demand Share Taxi" or make your own way by public transport to Hakuba (please see below). There is a fixed meeting point inside the international terminal for the aiport pick up. Meeting point for return transfer is at the Hakuba Base terminal in Echoland. In    case    of    the    bus    being    cancelled    due    to    mechanical breakdown   or   weather   conditions   we   will   do   our   best   to   help you   make   alternative   arrangements   but   our   liability   will   be limited   to   refunding   you   in   full   the   amount   you   paid   for   the transfer.

Getting to Hakuba by public transport

It   is   possible   and   can   be   a   little   cheaper   to   make   your   own   way   by public   transport.   Beware   though,   this   involves   at   least   3   transfers and   usually   a   combination   of   train   &   bus   so   can   be   time   consuming.     If   you   want   to   give   it   a   go,   have   a   look   at   the   getting   to   Hakuba page on the Ski Hakuba Website.
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