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Mountain Facts

Number of gondolas 2 Number of lifts 19 Number of courses 14-46 Vertical 1083 mtrs Highest point 1650 mtrs Difficulty o Advanced 30% o Intermediate 30% o Beginner 40% Longest course 5 km Lessons in English Yes Night ski Yes Terrain park Yes Kid’s park Yes Kiddies daycare Yes
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Nozawa Onsen Ski Resort

Nozawa Onsen, Japan

Nozawa   Onsen   is   a   hot   spring   resort   in   Nagano   Ken,   which   has   a   real   authentic Japanese    feel    to    it    due    to    the    many    traditional    Jpaanese    buildings    and    the cobblestone   streets. There   are   many   free   hot   springs   in   the   town   itself   that   you   can enjoy   for   free.      It   only   has   the   1   ski   resort   but   it   is   a   large   one   and   it   does   have   over 1000m   of   vertical.   Like   a   lot   of   Japanese   ski   resorts   it   has   all   the   beginners   slopes conveniently   situated   at   the   bottom   of   the   mountain   and   the   steeper   stuff   at   the top.   Having   kids   lessons   in   English   and   a   child   daycare   centre   it   makes   the   perfect family   ski   getaway.   It   only   has   the   one   off   piste   area   (the   area   at   the   top   enclosed by   Yamabiko A   and   E      courses)   -   everywhere   else   the   trees   are   strictly   off   limits   and enforced   by   patrol.   This   is   unlikely   to   change   anytime   soon   due   to   a   well   known overnight   rescue   incident   of   an Australian   family   in   Jan   2017.      Being   located   on   the main   island   of   Honshu   getting   to   Nozawa   is   fairly   easy-   see   the   right   hand   side   of this page. 
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Getting to Nozawa from:

Narita airport or Tokyo Haneda airport Kyoto or Osaka