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Ski rental Conditions

The   rentals   can   ONLY   be   collected   and   returned   during   the   Ninja   Rental   Shop   opening   hours   between   7.30   -   10   am   in   the   morning   and   between 4 - 6.30 pm in the evening.     Rental days need to be consecutive.          The   renter   agrees   to   accept   full   responsibility   for   the   ski/snowboard   rental   gear   while   it   is   in   his/her   possession.   He/she   agrees   to   be responsible   for   the   repair   and/or   replacement,   at   full   retail   value   of   any   equipment   rented   from   Ninja   Ski   Rentals   under   this   agreement, which   is   not   returned   or   for   any   loss   or   damage   of   any   kind   to   the   rental   equipment   other   than   reasonable   wear   and   tear.   Damage   to   rental equipment from use in areas where there there is a clear lack of snow and damage to skis/board is likely is NOT reasonable wear and tear. The   renter   agrees   that   late   return   of   equipment   may   force   a   cancellation   of   another   pre-booked   rental   and   subsequent   loss   of   income   to   Ninja Ski   Rentals   and   agree   to   return   all   rental   equipment   on   the   agreed   upon   date,   in   clean   condition,   to   avoid   additional   charges   of   up   to   20,000 yen. If   you   cancel   your   rental   giving   more   than   7   days   notice   you   will   receive   a   full   refund   less   a   20%   cancellation   fee.   In   order   to   receive   a   refund, notice   must   be   received   by   the   hostel   by   10   am   Hakuba   time,   7   days   prior   to   arrival.We   will   refund   the   balance   onto   your   paypal   account. After this time no refunds are possible
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