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Power Trip Ski Japan

8 day guided tour for the most HARD CORE riders and skiers.

Package Cost ¥289,000/person

For   the   most   hard   core   skiers   or   snowboarders   out   there   only. This is   not   the   sort   of   holiday   you   talk   about   "the   one   that   got   away", this   is   the   sort   of   trip   you   will   need   to   get   back   to   work   to   recover from.   Our   partners   Black   Diamond   tours   jam   as   much   as   they   can into   1   week   to   ensure   that   you   will   only   be   riding   the   deepest snow   on   Japan's   most   northernmost   island   all   week   long.   This   ski package   has   not   fixed   itinerary,   the   snow   is   chased   to   wherever   it is best over all 7 days.. This    tour    includes    full    backcountry    touring    equipment,    2    4wd vehicles   and   2   qualified   backcountry   guides   so   that   we   can   take advantage   of   every   single   possible   option   that   we   like   the   look   of. Options   include   not   only   normal   lift   accessed   side   country   and backcountry    runs,    but    also    runs    off    the    back    side    of    several resorts,   where   one   of   the   shuttle   vehicles   will   be   waiting.   Other options   include   roadside   pillow   lines   and   building   roadside   kickers to work on that air techniques or just to get those photos You   need   to   be   prepared   to   move   accomodation   frequently   as   the key   to   following   the   weather   is   to   be   as   mobile   as   possible.   Thus early   mornings   will   be   the   order   of   the   day.   But   hey,   you   don't come   on   this   trip   to   catch   up   on   sleep.   No   one   ever   knows   how this   trip   will   unfold   or   where   you   will   end   up,   but   that   is   the beauty   of   this   tour.   One   thing   is   for   sure,   it   will   be   a   helluva experience.

Tour dates

Jan 8-Jan 15

Jan 22-Jan 29


7 days fully guided riding 7 days lift tickets 7 nights twin share accommodation Single room upgrade available for ¥23,000 Limit 10 guests- guests to guide ratio max. 5:1 All ground transportation One way airport transfer from Chitose airport to start of tour at Niseko Trip ends in Sapporo where it is easy to get a bus/train to airport (about ¥1,500) Suitable for advanced riders/skiers only
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