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Brownies Log Cottages

Brrownie's    is    well    located    near    all    the    bars    and restaurants    in n    Echoland.    There    are    2    types    of    log cabins.   The   first   type   has   2   bedrooms,   one   with   2   beds, and   the   other   with   2   or   3   beds.   The   second   type   has   the same   2   bedrooms   but   also   has   a   loft   that   can   sleep   up   to 2    people.    The    loft    area    has    Japanese    style    futons (mattresses)   as   opposed   to   Western   style   beds. All   cabins are    self-contained    and    come    with    a    basic    kitchen,    a living   area   and   TV,   and   private   bathrooms.   You   can   walk down   the   street   to   Echoland   hot   springs,   and   there   is   a courtesy   bus   down   to   the   supermarket,   and   from   Happo bus   terminal/train   station.   Breakfast   is   not   included   in the   price,   but   for   just   ¥600   you   get   toast,corn   flakes   and coffee/tea/juice,    and    for    an    extra    ¥500    a    plate    of sausages,eggs    and    salad    will    be    included    (order    at reception).   Shuttle   buses   to   the   ski   resorts   leave   from just   outside.   Please   note   there   is   a   ¥2,500   utilities   fee per    night    per    condo    payable    directly    to    Brownies    on check   in   but   for   your   convenience   that   is   included   in   the package price.

Getting to Brownies

If   you   are   coming   on   a   package e the   airport   transfers from   Narita   or   Haneda   which   take   between   4-6   hrs.   If not   then   you   will   need   to   use   public   transport,   please see the following links on how best to do this.  
Fully self contained 2 bedroom villas Up to 7 people Guest Coin Laundry Free wireless internet Free guest computer at reception lodge Western style breakfast from just ¥600 Ski shuttle bus stop just 1 minute walk Free pick up from Happo bus terminal or Hakuba train station between 1pm and 9pm Courtesy bus to supermarket 3 times/week
Package Price list (per person)

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Number of ski days included 2 3 4 5 6 8 10 Prices start from: ¥32,300 ¥44,800 ¥57,300 ¥69,800 ¥82,300 ¥114,600 ¥164,600 (based on 5 person occupancy) Book now   Book Now Book Now Book Now Book Now Book Now Book Now Prices   include   accomodation   and   lift   passes   only.   To   get   a   price   including   transfers,   lessons   and   other   add   ons   just   click   on   the   “Book   Now”   link   and select the extras that you want.